Airlock Anomaly Shield configuration

The Airlock Anomaly Shield machine learning service can be fully configured via the Configuration Center UI.

Chapter-related prerequisites

  • An Airlock Anomaly Shield license must be available.
  • You must be logged in as an admin in the Airlock Gateway Configuration Center.

Schematics of the Airlock Anomaly Shield UI

The configurational tasks involved in setting up the machine learning service are relatively complex because settings have to be made at different places of the Configuration Center. The following graphic will help you to understand the configurational context and how things are connected. The link list below will help you to directly navigate within this online help when following the graphic.

Airlock Anomaly Shield schematic drawing

Step #

GUI description

Configuration instructions

1. Application (configured) in Airlock Anomaly Shield

2. Training data settings

3. Mapping configuration

4. Traffic exclusion for training data collection

5. Anomaly detection/response settings

6. Response rule exception(s)

7. Response rule(s)

8. Trigger, pattern and rule configuration