Consumption of system resources by Airlock Anomaly Shield

Airlock Anomaly Shield may require a decent amount of system resources when enabled, but it is difficult to give a clear guideline here. Follow the current standard hardware sizing rules (see System and hardware requirements) as a basis and further follow the Airlock Anomaly Shield hardware sizing rules below.

Rules for hardware sizing with Airlock Anomaly Shield enabled

  1. Use the following rules, to check if your system is sized correctly and is ready for Airlock Anomaly Shield:
  2. Analyze the memory and CPU usage over the past months. Especially have a closer look at peak usage. Even at peaks, a well-sized Gateway installation should not require more than 60% of the available resources.
  3. Take into account that Airlock Anomaly Shield will require 10%–20% or at least 1GB memory, and approximately 20%–30% of CPU load.
  4. Ensure the combined load of Anomaly Shield and Gateway does not exceed 60% of your current setup system resources. Otherwise, increase the memory and/or CPU resources of the Airlock Gateway hardware/VM accordingly.
  5. The ColdDB is stored on the /var partition by default. Make sure there is at least 3GB of free disk space available. The maximum size of the ColdDB can be configured.
  6. By default, Anomaly Shield uses 2 simultaneous processes (2 CPU cores). The number of processes can be configured.