Customizing events

  • There are two types of events:
  • Airlock Gateway defines internal events. The administrator can't change those events. They may be changed with product updates in the future.
  • Customizable events cover events highly dependent on the Airlock Gateway usage scenario, i.e., the number of requests per second.

This article describes how to customize events configured in the event rule file /opt/airlock/custom-settings/logsurfer.

Do not use event customization to suppress event messages, i.e., to cover a misconfiguration, system or network problems, etc.

  • Best practice:
  • Thoroughly check overall Airlock Gateway and system configuration when events occur frequently or at an unusual pace.
  • Fix the cause of event warnings rather than adjust the event configuration.
  • Before changing the file, create a copy of it for backup reasons.

Customization example

  1. Backup the file /opt/airlock/custom-settings/logsurfer.
  2. copy
    cd /opt/airlock/custom-settings/logsurfer 
    cp logsurfer.conf.user.custom logsurfer.conf.user.custom.orig 
    vi logsurfer.conf.user.custom
  3. Adjust the event settings in the file logsurfer.conf.user.custom to your needs. The file contains comments that describe the default values – you may use them for orientation and information purposes.
  4. copy
    vi logsurfer.conf.user.custom


    # responsetime is higher than 3 seconds 5 or more times in 2 minutes 
  5. After changing the file logsurfer.conf.user.custom, the service airlock-logsurfer has to be restarted with:
  6. copy
    systemctl restart airlock-logsurfer.service