Updating Airlock Gateway using the admin menu

Airlock Gateway can be updated with digitally signed update files that are provided by Airlock product support.

  • The Gateway offers two interfaces to manage updates:
  • The interactive Update Menu.
  • The non-interactive airlock-update tool.

Update Menu

The Update Menu is a submenu of the Airlock Gateway admin menu.

  1. Log in via ssh as user menu to access the Airlock Gateway admin menu.
  2. Choose 2) Updates in the Airlock Gateway admin menu to enter the Update Menu.
Update Menu 
    1) Apply update "airlock_update_x.y.zip" 
    a) Display list of all installed updates 
    u) Uninstall update 
    c) Clear list of uploaded updates 
    b) Back to Main Menu 
    q) Quit 
Your choice?

Apply update "..."

Select an updated file and start the update process.

Display list of all installed updates

  • Displays a detailed list of applied updates:
  • No – line counter of the list.
  • ID – version of the update.
  • Name – name of the update.
  • Version – build version of the update.
  • Installation Date – date of the update.
  • State – status of the update attempt.

Uninstall update

Can be used to select and uninstall updates.

Clear list of uploaded updates

This will empty the list of uploaded updates and delete all update files in the /var/tmp/update_in folder.

Back to Main Menu

Brings you back to the Airlock Gateway admin menu


Closes the session to the Gateway.

Update tool

The airlock-update program is a command line tool for basic update related tasks.

The airlock-update tool can be used for scripted automatization and update tasks i.e. to roll-out updates for multiple Airlock Gateway installations.

  1. Log in as root on the Gateway.
  2. Start the airlock-update program without any options to show a list of available functions.
root@gateway:~ # airlock-update

  Install Airlock Gateway update/hotfix without interaction

 Usage: airlock-update [OPTION]

  -i, --install <filename>     install update/hotfix
  -u, --uninstall <version>    uninstall update/hotfix
  -l, --list                   list all installed updates/hotfixes
      --list-uninstallable     list uninstallable update/hotfix
  -h, --help                   print help

  scp airlock_update_7.x.zip root@airlock:/var/tmp/update_in/
  ssh root@airlock airlock-update --install airlock_update_7.x.zip

  ssh root@airlock airlock-update --uninstall 7.x