Configuration Center (web-based GUI)

The Airlock Gateway Configuration Center is the central web-based interface for administration and management tasks. Gateway-related settings can be managed here, from configuration and integration to operation and monitoring tasks.

Configuration Center entry view

For system configuration and update tasks, see also About the Airlock Gateway admin menu.

Automatic configuration validation

All your changes are validated by Airlock Gateway, each value for itself and also in relation to other fields. This happens as you press the submit button or when you navigate through the configuration center.

If something is wrong, you will see an error or warning symbol (red/yellow icon) next to the input field. Clicking on that icon displays the full text of the validation message.

About this chapter

This chapter contains a 1:1 structured documentation of the Airlock Gateway user interface for orientation reasons.

Terms of the user interface structure



This is used for software buttons, which can be actuated with a mouse-click.


List of menu entries on the left of the user interface.


List of submenu entries on the left of the user interface.


An area within a configuration page.


A column area within a configuration page.


A tab within a configuration page.

Detail page

A central configuration page, which can be accessed via different other configuration pages.