Section – JSON Limits

JSON Limits

JSON limits are checked for JSON documents whose content-type matches the specified pattern. See Section – Basic Call Verification.



Max key length

Defines the maximum length for a JSON key, also known as "JSON property" or "JSON object member" (default: max 256 bytes).

Max value length

Defines the maximum length for a JSON value (strings or numbers, default: max 8192 bytes).

Max length exceptions

Defines a regular expression to exclude JSON keys and the corresponding values from the length checks defined above. The exceptions must be specified in the "#json" format for a JSON key as described in JSON filtering. This allows to exclude specific JSON keys and values. Editing the parameter exception pattern is done in the pattern popup.

Max nesting depth

Defines the maximum nesting depth for JSON objects and JSON arrays (default: max 100).

Max number of keys

Defines the maximum number of keys of a single JSON object (non-recursive, default: max 250).

Max number of array items

Defines the maximum number of items for a single JSON array (non-recursive, default: max 500).

Max number of total entries

Defines the maximum number of keys and array items in the whole JSON document (recursive, default: max 150000).


    "key": "value",
    "object": {
        "key": "long value",
        "object": {
            "key": "very long value"
        "array": [
            "item 1",
            "item 2",
            "item 3",
            "item 4"
    "array": [
        "item 1",
        "item 2"
    "empty object": {

    "empty array": [

  • This JSON document has these properties:
  • The maximum key length is 12, for the key "empty object".
  • The maximum value length is 15, for the value "very long value".
  • The maximum nesting depth is 3, for the key called "key" with the value "very long value".
  • The maximum number of keys is 5, because the top-level object has these keys: "key", "object", "array", "empty object", "empty array".
  • The maximum number of array items is 4: "item 1", "item 2", "item 3", "item 4".
  • The maximum number of total entries is 15. All keys are counted, all array items are counted. Not counted are empty objects, empty arrays, and simple values (strings/numbers) of keys. So the values "value", "long value", "very long value", the empty object {} and the empty array [] are not counted.

If the maximum value length is 10, an exception must be configured for the key with the value "very long value". The key's name is "key", but for the maximum length exceptions pattern, the name is "#json#object#object#key".