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KB - Access the back-end server directly

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Question or problem

Verify whether the back-end works fine without Airlock Gateway in between.

Procedure-related prerequisites

Testing the back-end server directly only makes or is even possible if the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • Direct network access from client to back-end server
  • The client is able to sign in at the back-end. Either the client supports the configured authentication schemes (Basic Authentication, NTLM, Kerberos, ...) or a login form is presented.
  • For a most meaningful test, a client accesses the website through Airlock Gateway with the same URL as Airlock Gateway the back-end. In other words, the internal URL is identically to the external URL. This finally means, that no rewriting is required to bring the web application up and running in front of Airlock Gateway.
  • Additional prerequisites for a test with Kerberos:
    • -The client must be a member of the Active Directory domain.
    • -The client has network access to the Active Directory domain controllers.
    • -The test user is an Active Directory user.


  1. Test execution and verification:
  2. Use the web application the same way as through Airlock Gateway.
  3. The web application behaves the same way as through Airlock Gateway or differences are explainable.
  • In case of failure:
  • Resolve the issues in the back-end server.

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In case direct access from a client to the back-end server is possible, without Airlock Gateway in between, check whether the web site is accessible or not. If it works without Airlock Gateway, find the difference and try to solve it.