KB - Verify the Back-side Kerberos SSO Setup

Affects product

  • Airlock Gateway

Question or problem

Verify the Kerberos configuration on Airlock Gateway, the Active Directory domain controller and the back-end server with the test program.

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • You need to be logged in as root on the Airlock Gateway console.

Example values

  • Kerberos Environment:
  • Kerberos user:
  • SPN: http/
  • Internal URL:


  1. Test execution and verification:
  2. Run the following commands:
  3. copy
    airlock-test-kerberos -v -e HTTP/

    The test program stops in case of an errors occurs.

  4. Verify the following:
    • -When running airlock-test-kerberos with the internal URL, the HTTP response code is not 401.
    • -The test program runs through without any problems.
  5. The verification steps from the above were successful.
  • In case of failure:
  • Analyze the output of the test program and verify the settings on all involved systems.

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