System resources
Consumption of system resources by Airlock Anomaly Shield

Airlock Anomaly Shield may require a decent amount of system resources when enabled, but it is difficult to give a clear guideline here. Follow the current standard hardware sizing rules (see System and hardware requirements) as a basis and further follow the Airlock Anomaly Shield hardware sizing rules below.

Rules for hardware sizing with Airlock Anomaly Shield enabled

  • Use the following rules, to check if your system is sized correctly and is ready for Airlock Anomaly Shield:
  • 1.
    Analyze the memory and CPU usage over the past months. Especially have a closer look at peak usage. Even at peaks, a well-sized Gateway installation should not require more than 60% of the available resources.
  • 2.
    Take into account that Airlock Anomaly Shield will require 10%–20% or at least 1GB memory, and approximately 20%–30% of CPU load.
  • 3.
    Ensure the combined load of Anomaly Shield and Gateway does not exceed 60% of your current setup system resources. Otherwise, increase the memory and/or CPU resources of the Airlock Gateway hardware/VM accordingly.
  • 4.
    The ColdDB is stored on the /var partition by default. Make sure there is at least 3GB of free disk space available. The maximum size of the ColdDB can be configured.
  • 5.
    By default, Anomaly Shield uses 2 simultaneous processes (2 CPU cores). The number of processes can be configured.

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