Supported SSL/TLS versions

The following table shows which SSL/TLS versions are available and enabled by default for front-side connections for the corresponding gateway version.

Gateway version
Available TLS version
Enabled TLS version by default
Airlock Gateway 7.2 and newer
TLS 1.3
TLS 1.2
TLS 1.1
TLS 1.0
TLS 1.3
TLS 1.2
SSLv3 will probably no longer be available in future gateway releases.

Note that by using a hardware security module (HSM) with Airlock Gateway, the available and enabled TLS protocols can be different from the table above.

We recommend using the default TLS settings of Airlock Gateway for an optimal balance between security and compatibility.

With Airlock Gateway 7.2 and higher, older TLS protocol versions like TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 as well as weaker TLS cipher suites without forward-secrecy support can be enabled in the Configuration Center.