Submenu – Dynamic IP Deny List
Dynamic IP Blacklist

Airlock Gateway can monitor IPs with bad behavior and temporarily block them. If an IP triggers a block, it will be put on a watchlist. If there are too many blocks during a certain time period from the same IP, it is added to the dynamic IP deny list for a defined period.

On this global page, all the thresholds are configured. The IP Rules tab on mappings provides more configuration options.

For each mapping, it is possible to:

  • decide whether IPs on the dynamic deny list are blocked or not
  • decide whether blocks count towards the block threshold for an IP
Section - Dynamic IP Deny List
Observation period in seconds

Defines the time period in seconds to observe an IP.

Number of blocks within a period

Defines the number of blocks an IP must trigger during the observation period to get on the deny list.

Period to block in seconds

Time period in seconds that an IP remains on the deny list.