Setting up triggers and rules
Setting up Anomaly Shield triggers and rules

The following settings can be configured under Submenu - Anomaly Shield Triggers & Rules.

In this part, triggers and rules for Anomaly Shield applications are being configured – each in a separate submenu of the UI. The submenus open up when adding or changing a trigger or rule.

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • See chapter-related prerequisites.

Instruction – Trigger and rule preparation

Setting up Anomaly Shield triggers and rules is a two-stage process as at least one trigger and one rule have to be created before it can be chosen in the submenu Anomaly Shield Triggers & Rules.

  • To prepare a trigger and a rule:
  • 1.
    Create a new empty trigger by pressing the + button in the section Triggers.
    Follow: Create a new trigger preset and pattern.
  • 2.
    Create a new empty rule by pressing the + button in the section Rules.
    Follow: Add a new Anomaly Shield rule and configure actions.
  • 3.
    Go back to submenu Anomaly Shield Triggers & Rules to manage triggers and rules.
  • The new trigger and the new rule has been added.
  • Repeat this instruction until all required triggers and rules have been added.


Anomaly Shield Triggers and Rules submenu

After setting up triggers and rules, Airlock Anomaly Shield writes log messages on anomalies. For more information about logs created on anomaly detection, see Log messages and actions of Airlock Anomaly Shield.

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