Section – Import a configuration

Import an export-file to load its settings for review or activation purposes.

What happens during import?

  • During import:
  • The *.zip-file will be uploaded.
  • The settings of the imported file are loaded but not activated automatically.

Importing an export-file will overwrite your current settings. Save your settings in a new config file if necessary.


  1. Default export *.zip-file import (without private keys and passphrase):
  2. Click the Import button.
  3. Section - Import a configuration
  4. Select the *.zip-file from the file manager pop-up window. Click the ok button to start the upload process.
  5. Your current settings will be overwritten by the upload.
  6. Check for errors and warnings. Enter your keys and passphrase.
  7. Menu - List of import errors (missing keys and passphrase)
  8. Save or activate the imported configuration.