Section – Import a configuration

Import an export-file to load its settings for review or activation purposes.

What happens during import?

  • During import:
  • The *.zip-file will be uploaded.
  • The settings of the imported file are loaded but not activated automatically.

Importing an export-file will overwrite your current settings. Save your settings in a new config file if necessary.


  • Default export *.zip-file import (without private keys and passphrase):
  • 1.
    Click the Import button.
  • Section - Import a configuration
  • 2.
    Select the *.zip-file from the file manager pop-up window. Click the ok button to start the upload process.
  • Your current settings will be overwritten by the upload.
  • 3.
    Check for errors and warnings. Enter your keys and passphrase.
  • Menu - List of import errors (missing keys and passphrase)
  • 4.
    Save or activate the imported configuration.