Section – Destination-based Routing
Destination-based Routing

Destination-based routing considers only the target IP address of a packet. This type of routing should be configured for back-end traffic of Airlock Gateway.

Note that this routing type has lower precedence than the source-based below if there's a network that is configured in both tables.

Use DHCP (IPv4 only)

Select a physical interface to retrieve the default gateway from.

Static IP address

Specify a static default gateway for destination-based routing.

Automatic for DHCP interfaces (IPv4 only)

Enable configuration of static routes via DHCP for all interfaces with DHCP enabled. Static routes may be configured via the DHCP Static Route option (option 33) or via Classless Static Route Option (RFC3442).

Destination (CIDR)

Configures an IPv4 or IPv6 address or network for a routing destination in CIDR format (e.g.,

For IPv6 only the default gateway can be defined because there's no back-end and/or management traffic going over this protocol at the moment. If more gateways are needed for IPv6 then source-based routing should be used - see below.


Defines an IPv4 or IPv6 address of the gateway for a routing rule.

Interface name

Force the route to be associated with the specified interface.