Section – Configuration History

All saved config files are listed and managed in the Configuration History section:

  • Each config file contains a complete set of Airlock Gateway settings.
  • The currently active configuration is highlighted and cannot be deleted.
  • Config files can be compared.
  • Inactive config files can be deleted.

After logging into the Configuration Center, the settings of the active configuration are loaded.

Configuration History


  • Choose and load a config file:
  • 1.
    Choose an entry from the list.
  • Read the entry in the Comment column or use the Compare button to decide which config file to load.

  • 2.
    Click the Load button.
  • 3.
    Click Okay, to finish the process.
  • Pop-up - Sure to load configuration
  • The settings of the chosen config file are now loaded and can be activated.
  • Compare a configuration:
  • 1.
    Choose 2 config files.
  • Compare 2 configurations

    The left radio-button Old Configuration serves as basis of comparison.

  • 2.
    Click the Compare button to open the Configuration Diff list.
  • Icon
    Icon - Yellow dot - value has changed
    The value of the attribute has changed. The old and new values are shown.
    Icon - Red dot - element has been removed
    The configuration element has been removed.
    Icon - Green dot - element has been added
    The configuration element has been added.

(MEDIUM) – Always open the Configuration Diff in a separate tab or a new window, to avoid problems with your browser cache.

  • Delete old config file:
  • 1.
    Click the button.
  • 2.
    Click Okay, to finish the process.
  • Pop-up - Sure to delete configuration
  • The config file is deleted and removed from the Configuration History list.

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