Section – API Policy Services

The API Policy Service is an Airlock API Gateway service, providing information on API subscriptions for Tech-Clients. This information can be used for access control and rate limiting.

The Shared Secret (Base64) must be a Base64 encoded string with a minimum length of 64 bytes (512 bits).

Section API Gateway Services
Enable Cache
Enable to cache the API key information.
Cache-Expiry (seconds)
Set cache expiry time in seconds (0-86400) whereas 0 disables the cache.
Set an API Policy Service environment name here.
Note: In the mapping configuration, the API Policy Service is referenced by this name.
URL of the API policy server.
API Policy Service endpoint.
Default: '/auth-api-policy-service/rest/resolve-tech-client'
Syntax: auth = IAM instance name
Shared Secret (Base64)
Shared secret for the API Policy Service. The secret must be Base64 encoded (minimum length 64 bytes/512 bits).