REST API for configuration
REST API based Airlock Gateway configuration and management interface

The Airlock Gateway REST API is an interface for administration and management tasks and can be used as an alternative or supplement to the web-based Airlock Gateway Configuration Center. Gateway-related settings can be managed here, from configuration and integration to operation and monitoring tasks. The REST API follows the OpenAPI Specification (OAS).

Link to the documentation: REST API documentation

For system configuration and update tasks, see also About the Airlock Gateway admin menu.

REST API specification download

The OpenAPI specifications for the Airlock Gateway REST API are downloadable without authentication through the management network interface of the web-based Airlock Gateway Configuration Center.

  • Available formats:
  • JSON format – https://<configuration-center-url>/airlock/rest/v3/api-docs
  • YAML format – https://<configuration-center-url>/airlock/rest/v3/api-docs.yaml
  • Add your configuration center URL in the above URLs to gain access.

The OpenAPI specifications may be enforced using an appropriate mapping on the Airlock Gateway or an Airlock Microgateway. See further information and links below.

Further information and links