Logs and diagnostics

Airlock Gateway includes internal monitoring mechanisms that continuously test the system. Depending on the internal status, these monitoring mechanisms take the needed actions.

  • In case you encounter problems:
  • 1.
    Check logs and events – query and display using Kibana.
  • 2.
    Reset and reboot the system using the reset command in the console menu.
  • 3.
    If that does not solve the problem, please contact Airlock technical support.

Any changes of Airlock Gateway internals such as files, permissions or processes may seriously corrupt Airlock Gateway functionality and its security features. Manual changes to the system are therefore not supported by Airlock Gateway. Please use this account solely for read-only access. You may use it for troubleshooting tasks such as verifying the correctness of your network settings using netstat, tcpdump, ifconfig and other system commands. Do not modify any files or file permissions.

List of diagnostic system commands and tools

Airlock Gateway is based on a hardened Linux OS and comes with a variety of preinstalled CLI tools. Other installed services like the Apache HTTP server may offer additional tools and modules for troubleshooting.

  • See the following list with common tools and commands:
  • Show network interfaces: ifconfig -a
  • Show routing/netmask information: netstat -arn
  • Inspect network packets to troubleshoot routing problems: tcpdump
    See Techzone for more information.
  • Verify network connectivity to back-end systems: telnet <host> <port>
  • For Apache HTTP server status: Apache HTTP server mod_status module