Log messages / events reference
Reference lists of log messages and events

The Log Viewer (Kibana) shows both events and messages mixed in one view allowing filtering and searches.

viewable in Log Viewer
can be alerted
can be forwarded to external syslog
Log Messages

Example for Kibana searches

The following example is based upon the Kibana dashboard Discover / Logs - All Airlock Logs which is accessible under Log & Report >> Log Viewer.

  • To filter for Events:
  • a)
    For custom searches:
    Perform a new search i.e. log_id:EVENT_* or a more refined regular expression.
  • b)
    For searches based upon our predefined Kibana templates:
    On the dashboard, click on Open and use the search template Requests - GATEWAY Troubleshooting - Events.

Log messages

Log messages are generated by system components. These messages can be viewed in the Log Viewer (Kibana).

Alternatively, log messages may be forwarded to a second Syslog located in the management network.


Events are created by rules based on log messages. Events can be alerted, i.e. sent by email, create a web request or to a specific syslog server. The alerting methods can be configured in "Log Settings" - "Event Notification Channels".

  • There are two types of events:
  • Internal events are defined by Airlock. Those events can't be changed by the administrator. They may be changed with product updates in the future.
  • Customizable events cover events that are highly dependent on the Airlock usage scenario, i.e. the number of requests per second.

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