KB - Inspect the Airlock Gateway session

Affects product

  • Airlock Gateway

Question or problem

Inspect which Kerberos Users are set by Airlock IAM for a certain session.

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • You need to be logged in as admin in the Airlock Gateway Configuration Center.


  • Test execution and verification:
  • 1.
    Go to: Log & Report >> Session Viewer.
  • 2.
    Search for the user's session, which should be impersonated and open the detail page.
  • 3.
    The section Kerberos Users lists the Kerberos users set by Airlock IAM.
  • There are Kerberos users listed for the user's session and they fit to the Active Directory domain.
  • In case of failure:
  • In case there are no or the wrong Kerberos Users listed, check the Airlock IAM configuration.

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