KB – Does WebDAV work properly

Affects product

  • WebDAV with Windows.

Question or problem

Verify that the WebDAV service works properly.

Mount a WebDAV directory

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • Ensure that the back-end server is configured for WebDAV.
  • You need to run the commands with administrative permissions. Open PowerShell via Run as administrator.
  • Configuration takes place in Windows client.


  • Test preparation:
  • 1.
    Run the following commands:
  • copy
    net use * https://webdav.int.virtinc.com/
  • 2.
    Set the following values:
    • Enter the user name ...: <YOUR USERNAME>
    • Enter the password ...: <YOUR PASSWORD>
  • Test execution and verification:
  • 1.
    Check the command output.
  • The output shows The command completed successfully.
  • 2.
    Open the Windows Explorer.
  • 3.
    Navigate to the drive letter displayed in the command output.
  • 4.
    Create, rename and delete files and folders.
  • The file operations should be successful.
  • Test finalization:
  • 1.
    Unmount the drive.
  • 2.
    Run the following commands:
  • copy
    net use /d <YOUR DRIVE LETTER>:
  • The output shows was deleted successfully.
  • In case of failure:
  • Check the back-end server is configured properly.