Deprecation announcement for Airlock Gateway 8.0

This section announces feature deprecations in Airlock Gateway 8.0. The mentioned features will be removed in version 8.0, but are still available in version 7.8.

Release 8.0 basic information

Airlock Gateway 8.0 is scheduled to appear in Q4 2022. Support for 7.8 will be one more year after 8.0 is released.

Release 8.0 will undergo an operating system migration away from CentOS. Therefore, a full installation will be required.

Docker host

It will no longer be possible to use Airlock Gateway as a docker host. Customers currently using this feature to deploy Airlock IAM on Airlock Gateway need to consider standard deployment options.

Legacy deny rules

The legacy deny rules were introduced with release 5.1 in 2014 to give customers time for adopting the new security levels basic, standard and strict. The use of legacy deny rules has been deprecated for several releases by generating warnings in the Configuration Center.

With release 8.0, legacy deny rules will be removed. Customers still using legacy deny rules should start migrating now. Features such as "additional logging" for deny rules, bulk actions for modyfing security levels and policy learning support the migration process.

RAID Integration

With 8.0, software RAID and integration of hardware RAID in Airlock tools for status monitoring or event generation will be removed. That is, if hardware RAID is to be used, it must be monitored using native system tools, e.g., ILO.