Configure Alternate Access Mappings in SharePoint

The Alternate Access Mappings need to be configured to map the incoming request from Airlock WAF to the extended web application.

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • The previously described configuration steps have been carried out.

Example values

  • Internal URL:
  • SharePoint Zone: Internet


  • 1.
    In SharePoint Central Administration, go to: Application Management >> Web Applications >> Configure Alternate Access Mappings
  • 2.
    Select the web application in Alternate Access Mapping Collection.
  • Afterwards, the following Alternate Access Mappings are shown:
  • SharePoint_AAM_1.png
  • 3.
    Click on Add Internal URLs.
  • 4.
    Set the following values:
    • URL protocol, host and port:
    • Zone: Internet
  • 5.
    Click Save to activate the new setting.
  • SharePoint_AAM_2.png
  • Afterwards the following Alternate Access Mappings are active:
  • SharePoint_AAM_3.png